(Started @May 11, 2016, LJ)

Paper content

  • The paper doesn't contain an algorithm (compulsory for this journal).
  • Material & method sections contain trivial math, such as x% = x/100 and similar ones.
  • Results & discussion sections have cummulated toghether half of a page or similar - required at least 1/4 of the paper.
  • Results are not discussed in the actual scientific context (results of others). Discussions should include comparison with the results of others.
  • The paper doesn't contain drawings and sketches, but it contains pictures and photos in full.
  • Conclusions contains refs, makes synthesis of the paper.
  • The references are not given in full, according with the examples from the template.

    Paper structure

  • The title doesn't reflect the content of the paper.
  • Research aim is not provided at the end of the introduction.
  • Paper structure is a subject of introduction: FALSE.
  • The paper is not made according with the template of the journal.
  • A lot of acronyms were used, assuming that the reader knows better than the authors what those means, so being no use to specify what means.

    Paper format

  • The file is writen in DOCX format - unaccepted at this journal as manuscript format type. DOC only, please
  • The figures, the tables, the equations, the text floats out from the printing area of the page.
  • The figures, the tables, the equations, the text floats out from the text boundary of the page.
  • The figures or the math.eqs are squeezed.